They're (new) dots, Jim... but not as we know it

We are now using "MangoDrum" and we encourage you to use them too so long as you do not share them in any way with those who are not current members of Bloco Fogo.

It is free for the player only version (which is all you need) and the latest version can be downloaded here. (4.86Mb)

Once you have installed the program you need to load the "grid" for the tune you want to study.  

While MangoDrum is STRONGLY recommended, for those who can't or won't, an adobe PDF format version is also included.  This will open on most peoples browsers automatically.  If not, a free reader can be downloaded here, though of course this does not give you the audio benefits of MangoDrum.


Eric v1.01                            .grid      PDF

Hip Hoppa V1.00                 .Grid      pfd 

Maquina Do Tempo V1.00  .Grid,     PDF (aka Marcha/'Marsha')

Masala v1.01                       .grid      PDF 

Samba v1.10MG                  .grid      PDF   (complete now :)

Samba Duro                        .grid      pdf

Superfunk v1.00                 .Grid      PDF

Tim's Blouse v1.00              .grid      PDF  (aka Tumbaiao)

Veronica v1.00.1                 .Grid 

Caixa De Fósforos v1.00      .grid       PDF

You should note that while changes are increasingly rare, these materials should be used for reference only and written content shouldn't take precedence over oral instructions in rehearsals and / or performances.

Subject to change at any time with or without notice (or conceivable reason) at the sole discretion of the Mestres!... so, there.

Old Dots

The old dots were written by Dan Noyek for personal use but over the years slowly grew to be the semi-official reference version of the band's material.  They have not been properly reviewed for some time, as the focus is shifting to MangoDrum. However, as the transition will be gradual, the committee and mestres agreed that they should be published in the interim for those that want them. The old dots can be downloaded from here, most are in Microsoft Excel format for which there is a free viewer program for those that need it.  

The dots are reasonably accurate and complete, although they are certainly not perfect. Some of the more recent changes to the structure/parts of tunes are not included and a few of the bell lines in particular are missing or different to what is now played.  You are welcome to use them so long as you do not share them with those outside the band. Please let  know if you do see something that seems wrong as that will help ensure that any mistakes do not get copied into MangoDrum.



Mangodrum screenshot

Mangodrum is a very simple to use percussion program for Windows XP and 7* which uses an easy to understand grid format for displaying the rhythm patterns.  Mangodrum lets you see, and hear what we play and allows you to slow the tempo and focus on as many or as few parts as you wish.


Change the volume and balance of each instrument
The volume and balance of the different instruments can be altered to isolate just the part you are interested in learning.

Choose  the speed for your composition
The speed or tempo of your composition can be changed while your composition is being played.

Metronome for practice
If you use Mangodrum to help with practising a piece then a metronome can be switched on or off. 



* MangoDrum is designed for Windows™ XP, 7, 8 and possibly 10 - It has been installed successfully on Windows 10 by members of the band, although at last checking the Author's website does not list it officially.   If you’re a MAC user then you’ll need to install an emulator type plugin such as ‘Winebottler’, ‘Parallels’ or ‘Fusion’ plus Windows OS in order to run the application. 

Title (Active / Inactive) Grid Pdf Latest Version Latest update
6/8 Iyesa Dots 2.0.7 Mar 2016
Burning Clocks, Afro 2012 Dots 2.3.6 Nov 2015
Bahia Dots 1.2.8 Jan 2015
Bave Dots 1.3.2 Jan 2014
Calypso Dots 1.4.8 Sep 2015
Eric 2013 (+Makuta) Dots 2.1.2 Aug 2013
Hip Hoppa Yes Mango 1.00 May 2017
Jo’s Little Pony Dots 1.4.7 Dec 2013
Magalenga + B.C.2010 Dots 1.2.9 Oct 2016
Maquina Do Tempo (Marcha) Yes Yes Mango 1.00 Jan 2016
Masala 6/8 Yes Yes Mango 1.01 Oct 2016
Mozambique (Burning C. 2011) Dots 1.6.2 Oct 2013
Ragga Dots MMA 1 Jan 2016
Reggae Atlantico Dots 1.1.9 Apr 2015
Reggaton Dots 1.3.1 Nov 2017
Samba (Old) Dots 1.2.7 Apr 2017
Samba (JP – New) Yes Yes Mango 1.00 Apr 2017
Samba Duro Dots 1.3.2. Aug 2016
Samba reggae Dots 1.2.3 Jan 2016
Superfunk Yes Yes Mango 1.00 Aug 2015
Veronica Yes Mango 1.00.1 Apr 2016