Crowborough Bonfire Parade

Our bonfire season got off to a great start with a torch-lit parade through the streets of Crowborough. Lovely to have the smell of kerosene filling the air once more and stepping over burning torches as you walk.

Long live the anarchy of the bonfire season.

Let it Burn!

Day of Syn

We were transported back in time to when pirates could enjoy a wench on each arm, excise men shot tax defaulters, black-faced morris men danced in the street and disputes were settled in the wrestling ring. All in memory of Dr Syn, alias 'The Scarecrow', village parson and pirate of the high seas - ohh argh!

A great day celebrating Dymchurch's pirate and military history, all washed down with a dose of Samba as we led the parade through the town. We then had a chance to perform in the arena and also down on the sea wall. 


Tunbridge Wells Pride

Such a great atmosphere in Tunbridge Wells for the 2nd Tunbridge Wells Pride Parade and we had the a great privilege to lead the entire parade through town from the clock tower down to the Forum. Estimates put the number of people taking part in this year's parade to be about 1,000 with everyone, including all the band entering into the full spirit of the event.

Glasgow Encontro Street Band Festival

We took a trip up to Glasgow to take part in the second Glasgow Encontro Street Band festival organised by the ever amazing Samba Ya Bamba and Oi Musica. We were just one of the 20 or so bands contributing to the event held around Glasgow's Merchant City over the weekend, with bands from across the UK as well as Velotronix from Brussels.

The city was buzzing as it not only was hosting the Encontro but the European Championships and we had the chance to play in the parade and to amazing crowds at the various performance spaces dotted around Merchant City. A highlight over the weekend was taking part in the massed band performance of Honktwister, a piece written specially for the occasion. This was performed in George Square on the Saturday evening. Brass players filled the stage, with drummers grouped in front of the audience, and two mestres kept us playing for twenty minutes or more to a delighted audience, Simply amazing.