Crowborough Bonfire Carnival

Kicking off the Sussex Bonfire season for us with the annual Crowborough Bonfire Parade.

A dry and warm evening for the parade brought out the crowds in larger numbers than usual with loads of support all around the parade route. Great to see tons of bonfire societies in the procession too.

“We Burn For Good”

Royal British Legion Industries Centenary Celebrations

Kicking off the Centenary celebrations for the Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) with a parade through the RBL village in Aylesford and a short set in front of the stage.

Tunbridge Wells Pride

We absolutely loved parading through Tunbridge Wells for their annual Pride event. Such an amazing carnival atmosphere in the town celebrating all things LBGTQ.

Jersey Battle of Flowers

Jersey’s annual Battle of Flowers sees all the people of the Island come together from their Parishes and different groups to create amazing floats decorated with hundreds of thousands of flowers. These are then paraded in front of huge crowds lined up and down the main promenade in St Helier, firstly in the day parade where the full array of colour and imagination could be witnessed followed by a moonlight parade where everything comes to life in an spectacular cascade of lights.

With performances in the Day and moonlight parades plus a busk in the main town we had plenty of opportunities to entertain the huge crowds that always travel to Jersey for this fantastic occasion. We even managed to squeeze in a special rehearsal on the beach at Havre des Pas. Lovely to be back for our 3rd Battle.