Burning the Clocks 2010

"The dark grip of long wintry nights is broken by a flicker of light. A dark carnival gathers to take this light to the sea to make a beacon to summon the new sun. Led by a stately cortege, the great flame is brought through the city, our wishes and cheers guide and speed it on its way. Spark kisses paper and willow in a burning embrace and the cry goes up "Hail Bright Herald, Hail!". The sun returns, the days lengthen and darkness is sent back to its gloomy halls for another season."

Despite bad weather in the run up to Burning the Clocks in Brighton the event went ahead as planned and Bloco Fogo led the procession along with a few dancers and Lanterns. 
The dancers in the white veils and hobby horses bought back vivid memories of The Wicker Man (all very Pagan!) 

The parade at around 45 minutes through the streets down to the sea front was over before we knew it and we only managed to squeeze in around 6 tunes. This included the new groove learnt especially for the event "Burning Samba" played with around 100 drummers from various local Brighton bands ( Spiritus Jam, Brighton School of Samba and Barulho 

Quite a few videos of the event were posted to you tube, but perhaps the best was one where we played Samba Duro static en-route, very tight and Esme front row is whooping away with the excitement !

Excellent gig and a great sound through the narrow streets all topped off with the lanterns being burnt on the beach and a firework parade to mark the shortest day and the return of the sun.

Roll on next year.

Burning The Clocks 2010