Caterham Carnival 11th June 2011

The first of a weekend full of gigs and a very warm reception from the organisers at Caterham – who have already booked us again for next year! It’s a long parade through the town to the showground, but we had a pit-stop halfway there, and they laid on a mini-bus to ferry us up the hill. The sun shone and the crocodile rocked alongside us, shaking his bucket at the good folk of Caterham who had turned out to watch the show. Random sights for this carnival included:

  • a crocodile (we couldn’t help but smile at him)
  • not quite 101 Dalmatians
  • Absolutely no worms!
  • A Caterham Super 7

And click this photo to see even more pictures . . .
Bloco Fogo Caterham 2011