The Brighton Marathon 2012

The Brighton Marathon 2012, with Bloco Fogo stationed at the 21 mile mark on the docks near brighton, so lots of very tired runners smiling and being encouraged by the drumming, inspiring them onto the finish.

Situated next to the fabulous Carats Cafe Bar ( right on the sea front at Southwick Beach, it was a little cold to start the day, but as you can see the sky was blue, the flags were flying and the clouds raced over the sky.

Seventeen of us managed to get to Brighton before the road closures giving a nice full sounding band, with agogos galore. Starting at 10:30 to warm up before the first runners arrived, we had our own marathon underway, playing non-stop for just over 3 hours. 

Being road tested today was a new costume material, being put through it's paces by Phil and a new set of four bells being played by Jeff. Two broken sticks later, we think the edges need sanding down somewhat, but they did sound good !  Also making his debut today on Top surdo was Dylan, who did a cracking job.

A great day, with marathons and half marathons now becoming a regular event for us.

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Bloco Fogo Brighton Marathon