Reading Half Marathon

Last minute gig and a chance to play at the Reading Half marathon A really big event with about 18,500 runners plus a junior race with another few thousand runners. Managed to pull together a band of 9,  not bad for 24 hours notice!
Bit of an early start from home at around 06:00 to get there for the start and before the road closures. But it was definitely worth it. The sun rise was amazing driving in and then the sun continued to shine all day with clear blue skies all day.

Was great to motivate the runners on with many cheering and clapping us as then ran past us at varying speeds, and so we kept on playing and playing and playing.  Some fantastic and wonderful sights amongst the runners,

  • The bee and ladybird
  • The incredible Hulk,
  • Scooby doo,
  • Dennis the Mennis
  • A camel
  • A Rhinoceros
  • Batman and Robin in their car
  • A Chinese dragon
  • Several Elvis's or is that Elvii?
  • Oh, and the man in the Mankini!