Brazilian Carnival Encontro 2012

An entire weekend full of workshops, showcase events, stage and street performances featuring bands from all over the UK and Europe.

This year's highlights include: Maracatu Estrela do Norte, Samba ya Bamba, Vaca Louca, Juba do Leao, Batebalengo, Garden City Samba, Bloco Fogo, Bloco do Sul, Sambassadors of Groove, Batala, Rhythms of the City, Ziriguidum, Toque Tambor, Nova Guarda, Maracatudo Mafua, Paraiso School of Samba, London School of Samba, Outra Vez, and Copa Cabana.

This really was an amazing opportunity to get involved and be inspired by other bands and performances, the energy and creativity on display was amazing. Looking forward to next year already!