Brighton Marathon

Back again for the amazing Brighton Marathon, and what a fantastic day. Spring finally arrived and we had blue skies down at the seafront at Portslade Brighton. The last miles are the same as in all previous Brighton Marathons; runners face the testing "loneliness of the long distance runner" section along Basin Road South but we were there to add some Carnival atmosphere to proceedings.  Parked next to us were the team from Scope on their open top double decker bus cheering us and the runners on. Reports came in of our drumming being heard from a couple of miles away which would have certainly encouraged the runners along the long loop out to Shoreham Harbour and back. 

It felt like a marathon for us too, playing  for four and a half hours straight !

We loved the colour and spectacle of all the runners, many clapping and giving us the thumbs up as they passed us at the 23 mile point. However, of special note were the Rhino, the Tiger, the spanish donkeys, Dave from the Samaritans who ran dressed as a phone, the numerous guys from the army running wearing full 40lb kit, the bride and groom, the nun, batman, Barbie and Elvis.

Go Rich !