Lewes Bonfire Celebration 2014

The first Lewes experience this year for many of our new beginners and a departure from our normal skull face paint with a freestyle stripe allowed for the event.

Cheryl and Dan at the helm leading us through the streets of Lewes for the Lewes Bonfire society up to the main firework site on the hill and back again.

Evolving mainly from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and Guy Fawkes (Guido Fawkes) and the Seventeen Martyrs burnt at the stake in Lewes, Sussex, during the period 1555–1557, hence the seventeen burning crosses, the Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations are now one of the most well known and talked about traditions within the UK, and attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year.
Want to know more

Check out the short scary trailer we made for the event, and make sure you watch it to the end !

Crowborough Carnival 2014

Just a few shots from the Crowborough Carnival 2014 last weekend, one of the infamous Bonfire society torch-lit parades, with amazing costumes, lots of noise, heat, fire, smoke and Samba !

Plus the first time with our new lights, spotlights shining though drums and lighting the sides, all very impressive and quite a spectacle.

Maidstone Mela Parade 2014

Bloco Fogo were proud to lead the opening parade of the Maidstone Mela 2014 which went through Maidstone Town Centre and involved 7 local schools and around 350 young people alongside the Maidstone Grammar Schools for Girls Samba Group and the Four by Four Dhol Drummers.

The 12th Maidstone Mela attracted which is organised in partnership by Maidstone Borough Council, Cohesion Plus and Kent Equality Cohesion Council attracted record numbers to what is now the largest culturally diverse arts festival in Kent.

The Mela brings together partner agencies, community groups, local schools and charities to celebrate the diversity of the borough and promote community cohesion.

For more information visit www.maidstonemela.com

Cleethorpes Carnival 2014

Cleethorpes Carnival 2014: 400 mile round trip and a 2hr40 mins parade, tiring but loads of fun !

We had such good fun leading the parade, It was so lovely to see the sun out, the huge crowds cheering, blowing their whistles, waving and dancing as we came through. The 400 mile round trip was definitely worth it, we've had some great feedback and look forward to doing it all again next year

Tunbridge Wells Winter Lantern Parade

Bloco Fogo led the way for the annual Tunbridge Wells Lantern parade through the towns streets. Hundreds of children with their hand made lanterns followed the band as it made it's way from the towns museum to St Barnabas school, with thousands of local people lining the streets for this ever popular event to brighten up the winter nights. This years theme was Myths and Legends and saw some amazing lanterns shaped like Unicorns, Cyclops, Mermaids, fish, a Phoenix and a special lantern celebrating the 75th Anniversary year of The Assembly Hall Theatre.

With a strong band in place and our flag wavers in abundance adding to the spectacle, this was an amazing event. Let's hope we are back again next year

Coverage of the event in the Courier