Burning the Clocks 2012

What a great night with Same Sky in Brighton for Burning the Clocks 2012, celebrating the shortest day. A brilliantly clear sky set the scene for some imaginative costumes and lanterns, with a black and white theme bringing all the different groups together. Ending off the evening, our new Burning the Clocks 2012 groove sounded really funky and tight down on the beach with around 140 drummers, follow by an amazing firework display. Support this suburb local community arts event and make sure it happens again in 2013.

Burning the Clocks

Burning the Clock 2011, the traditional celebration marking the winter solstice in Brighton. Hundreds of performers and thousands lining the streets as the parade makes it's way down to the sea front and a huge  firework display. followed by a combined performance by over 100 Sambistas of the 2011 composition of  Burning the Clocks.