Multiple Sclerosis Charity Gig

A surprise entry by Bloco Fogo to a charity event at the Tudor Park hotel in Maidstone in aid of Multiple Sclerosis as 300-400 guest sat down to eat at their Christmas party we blasted onto the dance floor for a hot and sweaty 20 minute set. Whistles blasting out, people up joining us dancing on the floor and a quick bit of drum lifting to Samba Duro, short but sweet and a very loud indoor set !

Only managed to grab a few photos as we waited in hiding on the stairs about to enter and catching up on some refreshments before the gig.

Hospice in the Weald 10k Charity Run

Early Sunday morning out in Tunbridge Wells to see the runners off on a 10K run around the town and then playing to encourage everyone as they near the finish line. Followed by a fun run and some pantomime horse racing, all very mad and very English. Not sure who won in the final, but with names like "Too much Red Bum", "Pedigree Chum" and "Camel Toe" I'm not sure anyone was taking it too seriously.

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Bloco Fogo Hospice in the weald 10k run

DragonBoat Racing Bewl Water

A breezy and rather showery day bought to life by the sounds of us drumming, Mixtures of South American drumming and Hawaii five O music seemingly blending rather well.
From Bloco Fogo Dragon Boat Racing at Bewl Water
From Bloco Fogo Dragon Boat Racing at Bewl Water
Bloco Fogo Dragon Boat Racing at Bewl Water