Crowborough Carnival 2014

Just a few shots from the Crowborough Carnival 2014 last weekend, one of the infamous Bonfire society torch-lit parades, with amazing costumes, lots of noise, heat, fire, smoke and Samba !

Plus the first time with our new lights, spotlights shining though drums and lighting the sides, all very impressive and quite a spectacle.

Crowborough Carnival 2013

The start of the bonfire season for us with the Crowborough carnival, a torchlit procession through the town culminating in a massive bonfire on the green. A great event with some colourful characters from the various bonfire societies adding to the scene, Mexican, Native American Indians, Mardi Gras to name just a few. The smell of the fire, the glow of the torches and the sound of Samba filling the air, simply magical.  

Crowborough Carnival

The Annual Crowborough Carnival, the bonfire parade season commences with a torch light procession around the streets of Crowborough, ending in a massive bonfire on the green. Great atmosphere with so many people getting involved and coming out their homes to watch this amazing spectacle. Some really good floats this year and a great array of costumes in evidence.