The Selfie Challenge

So what do we do in between gigs to fill the time? 
Practice, practice, practice, because we all know what that makes !

But it's not as boring as it might sound. Our rehearsal sessions are at the heart of what we do and how we embed ourselves in the music and really get to feel the rhythm.  They are hard work, exhausting, challenging, rewarding, a work out, a great place to gel with the band, but most of all are a load of FUN !

With 2 sessions every week on Tuesdays in Tunbridge Wells at the Forum from 7:30 to 9:30 and on Wednesdays in Maidstone at The Trinity Foyer from 7:30 to 9:30, we certainly put in the hours to produce the sound we do.

But now there seems to be a new challenge being laid down, that of the Group Selfie and who can come up with the most innovative way of capturing those that that attend the sessions !

Below are just a few of the more recent shots, but I think that this one will run and run, so watch out for more posts to follow.

You can click each picture for an enlarged view.

West Farleigh Fireworks

A great local event for West Farleigh, very family friendly Bonfire and firework display with a good turnout from Bloco Fogo, parading across the field followed by an enthusiastic crowd, many in fancy dress.

Amazing to see the smiles on the children's faces as they took it in turns to walk around the band with our flags, good to bring people into the performance.

Sherwood Flats Demolition

We have led parades, played at carnivals and schools, been to numerous festivals both in the UK and abroad, played at Football stadiums and Cricket grounds but never before have we been bought in to help celebrate a building being demolished. Until now . . .



Heineken Rugby Semi Final

A band of 37 playing at the MK Dons Stadium for the Rugby Semi final of the Heineken Cup between Northampton Saints and USA Perpignan in front of almost 19,000 people.

With half the band in normal costume and the other half in black T's and a black stripe, we raced round the pitch playing for about 4-5 minutes at half time. A quick dash to our seats for the second half before playing outside to the crowds as they left the stadium. 

Lined up in the tunnel about to go on at half time, a few nerves and some excitement

 Looking down the tunnel onto the pitch, last few seconds before going on

last minute costume check, 
all lined up, 

drums ready,

here we go

Cameras rolling 
We are on the big screen and have the crowds cheering, two by two we circle the pitch

19,000 people watching and just a few minutes to get round the pitch

Great shot 
and drums 

After the match we played outside the ground, with everyone in such a good mood after the match we soon drew a crowd and had everyone dancing and waving their flags.

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Heineken Rugby Semi Final MK Dons Stadium

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