Loose Primary School Summer Fete

Someone saw us at another event and was blown away by our performance, energy and the vibe we had, and just had to have us along to their fete, Fortunately this year our schedule meant we could just about squeeze this in between our other gigs!
A short 30 minute set at peak fete time was well received by the crowds, with Cheryl announcing to the fete who we were and what to listen out for in our performance.

The quiet area provided an excellent sheltered spot for a picnic.


East Peckham School Summer Fete

Promoting the mini Bloco Fogo samba group at the East Peckham school, which has just started up and run by our very own Cheryl, we played a quick 30 minute set at the Summer Fete as the crowds flocked in.  Perhaps the busiest time of the year for us, as this was gig number 1 of the day with another 2 to follow. It was a job job this was the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year !

Hartley Priory Fete

With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, the organisers of the Hartley Priory Fete for 2014 decided on a Brazilian carnival theme for this years event, and so just had to have a Samba band entertain the crowds. Along with a mix of street food from around world and more traditional English fete stalls, was a short carnival parade around the field, where the local children joined in with their handmade carnival headdresses and played along to the samba rhythms.
Despite the rain that came over during the afternoon everyone seemed to have a great time with loads of money being raised for local causes.

All Aboard the Bloco Fogo Express !

Lovely traditional cake stalls.

Some of the local children joining in with the band !

Top Billing in the Programme !