Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon 2015

Over 2,000 runners took part in this year's Lifestyle Kia Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon which took place on a crisp February morning. The race was started by Dame Kelly Holmes with the support of Bloco Fogo to bring a carnival atmosphere to the proceedings. A quick blast at the start to see the runners off before we headed off to play at the 11.5 mile spot outside the Kia Garage near the Spa hotel.

The support form the runners as they passed in the way of smiles, cheers and clapping kept us going till the last runner passed, and hopefully we motivated them onwards in the closing stages of the race. A great band turnout help to keep the volume levels high and the samba rhythms pumping out !

Bloco Fogo at the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon from Marc Peters on Vimeo.

Ikano Robin Hood Half Marathon

A really early start to get to Nottingham to play at the Ikano Robin Hood Half Marathon. After getting a bit lost and arriving after the road closures were in force, we got to the start just after 10:00 as the first runners were coming through. Playing by the lake in Nottingham University campus we had a great venue with thousands of runners streaming past, cheering, clapping, whistling and even dancing as they went. We drummed till the very last runner went through before heading off for a picnic in the park with tons of food and homemade cake before the long drive home.