kings hill

Fun on the Hill : Kings Hill FC

Our 2nd gig of the day at Fun on the Hill at Kings Hill sports arena. We played a couple of short static sets in the arena to help entertain the crowd. Sal was our mestre for this one and was interviewed by the local host !

First question, "What's the name of the first song your are going to play for us ?"

Sal: "Samba Reggae"

Host:  "Oh, lovely, I do like a bit of Bob Marley !"

Discovery School Firework display

The fireworks at the Discovery School in Kings Hill were fantastic and so were the crowd, let's hope we can get some new members to sign up. Lovely to see all the children rush up after our performance to have a go themselves.

Good sized band for this one and nice to see Matt as Mestre for a change.

Jemma trimming up the recruitment flyers she designed 

Getting ready in a nice warm classroom