new year

Tunbridge Wells Lantern Parade

Celebrating Chinese New year on the 25th February due to the earlier postponement of the event due to cold weather and health and safety concerns. 

We formed up with a band of nearly 40 drummers at about 5:15 and had a quick warm up by playing Calypso in front of the gathering crowd and impressive lanterns lined up at the start.

Bloco Fogo led the parade with our flag bearers, setting off from front of the Museum & Library on Civic Way at 5.30pm walking along Monson Road, Camden Road and finishing at about 6.30pm at St Barnabas School, Quarry Road where the Friends of St Barnabas School were selling refreshments in the playground.

Finishing with Bave and a confetti cannon, which seemed to hang in the air for ages due to the lack of wind. then some audience participation with some alternate cheering and drumming.

What a great event, we always love this one.
Take a look at the feature in the courier

As always a few photos and a link to some more.

Bloco Fogo Lantern parade