Nijmegen Samba Festival 2013

Bigger and better then ever before, The Nijmegen Samba festival goes from strength to strength. A superb and inspirational line up of bands from around Europe. Loved the parades and the the late night gigs around the town. Great organisation too, so thanks go out to our wonderful hosts.

Here are just a few shots to jog the memories and to show just how good this event is.

Identity theft

We found out today that a dutch paint company is using Bloco fogo on their poster to advertise paint! Thanks to Outra Vez who spotted it in a Nijmegen paint store :)
The Courier then spotted the chat of facebook, interviewed Alex and subsequently we made page 3 of the local Tunbridge Wells Courier.
Hopefully this will result in gaining some much needed sponsorship for the Nijmegen Salsa and Samba festival.

NIjmegen Salsa and Samba Festival 2012

We were back for the second time at the 2 day Nimegen Salsa and Samba festival which seems to grow from strength to strength being bigger and better than last year with the inclusion of more bands, and a Samba parade. Fantastic Weather brought in the crowds as did the music and noise from the 20 or so bands attending this year.

Numbering almost 30 players we performed 8 sets around town with Jaz, Sal and Cheryl mestreing, and a final set at Calais port waiting for the ferry, to the the delight of the several hundred people waiting for their delayed crossing, I don't think the port has seen anything like us before.

An amazing weekend, with fantastic hosts in a great place. We will be back for more.

Nijmegen Samba Festival Weekend 2011

A Samba and Salsa festival, that has been running for 8 years or so, and this was our first and hopefully not the last visit to this amazing place. We gigged our hearts out here with numerous sets all over town on both the Saturday and Sunday. We had great hosts and fantastic company from the other bands that were playing.
Heading the band was Sal and Jaz who revelled in the atmosphere and really got the crowds going. A big thanks go out to Belinda for organising the entire trip, it would not have been possible without you.

Bloco Fogo Nijmegen Sept 2011