Petersfield Heath Jubilee Lantern Parade

The last of 5 gigs in the Jubilee weekend and we had a trip out to Petersfield to play at their Jubilee Celebration. We arrived in plenty of time and took in the rest of the entertainment, and really enjoyed the sounds of the Southern Dance Orchestra playing good old classics like Mac the Knife and some Glen Miller. We were especially impressed that Prince Charles took time out from the Celebrations at the palace to come down and play on kit drum !

A real old fashioned fayre with some roundabouts and stalls all added to the atmosphere.

The lilies on the lake along with the crown that would be burnt later were superb.

Then finally the procession, with Bloco Fogo leading the way along with our flag for around 400 lantern bearers. we had so many positive comments about the impact the music had and how much people enjoyed the sounds, that it finished off our weekend nicely. 

Special mention to the lady that recognised us from a Birmingham Travelodge several months back when we were off to play at Edgbaston, she just happened to be there at the time wondering what a bunch of nutters we were dressed in red and yellow with a red stripe on our faces at 08:00 in the morning and then found herself standing next to us as this event, small World.