Brighton Marathon

We travelled down to Brighton for our own marathon drumming session, playing for about 4 hours at the half way point for both the 10k and the full marathon events. It’s lovely to get the reactions from all the runners, who cheer, clap and even dance their way past us at they savour the special carnival atmosphere. Something to lift their spirits as they realise they’ve got just as far to go again before reaching their goal !

This year’s event which was bigger than ever saw more than 18,000 runners and over 150,000 people lining the route. We even had one of our own band members take part in the main event, completing their first ever Marathon. Well done Eve !

Mayor of Maidstone's Community Parade

Great to be playing at the Mayor of Maidstone’s community parade in the heart of the town today, celebrating the end David Naghi’s term in office.

Check out the live video of us taken by the Maidstone Borough Council team !

London Landmarks Half Marathon

Out in force today with a big band supporting the Macmillan runners in the London Landmarks Half Marathon.

An amazing day with an incredible supporting team from Macmillan cheering everyone on. It felt great to be back playing in the City of London again with the sound bouncing off the tall buildings!

Reading Half Marathon

It was great to be supporting the Reading Half Marathon again as we saw the runners off from the start line before taking the shortcut through the middle of the course to welcome them all back to the Madejski Stadium at the end. We even had a personal visit from Mr Madejski himself !

Tunbridge Wells Lantern Parade

What a fantastic start to the year with our first gig at the Tunbridge Wells Winter Lantern Parade! We love this community event! 

Perhaps the largest mass of lanterns ever seen for the event as it continues to grow from strength to strength and we are proud to take part and lead the procession through the streets of Tunbridge Wells. This year’s alternative route was a great success and culminated in a mass busk in the park. What an amazing way to celebrate the huge effort that everyone had gone to in making this years event so special.